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Refinery29 Features Us As One of the must visit Cafes in NYC

Featuring an interview with Ioana and our most precious star, Chiara @chiaralafrancine, our most loyal customer (French Bulldog), check out the Summer Best Sellers at Rose and Basil, the cookbook coming this fall, and our now fully renovated front store! features us as the most gorgeous truffles in NYC!

So when we heard that Rose and Basil, a cafe and dessert bar located in New York City’s East Village, served up an array of 100 percent organic, allergy-friendly, and vegan truffles, we knew we had to see what all the fuss was about.


#1 in 13 Cafes In New York For Every Type Of Entrepreneur in Swaay Media

For the woman who adores her pet as much as she loves her business, Rose and Basil is for you. Pets are welcomed with open arms in this cozy cafe. Decorated with fresh roses, this spot offers a selection of mini-cakes, vegan breakfast jars, and floral drinks. Spend a tranquil afternoon here with your pup as you finish that Keynote presentation while sipping their signature rose latte.


Live on Radio with Rose and Basil

Alexandra Delyanis and Rayne Ellis sit down with NYU students Ioana Holt and William Wang to talk opening a specialty foods cafe called Rose and Basil and creating healthy desserts.


VeganEasts at Rose and Basil

My mouth starts watering when I see the chocolate truffles. Rose and Basil has 12 signature truffles with 6 of those being seasonal truffles. The spring 2017 menu includes: rum, caramel, elderflower, cherry blossom, lychee, and dark chocolate truffles. The owner and also pastry chef extraordinaire Ioana, makes the dark chocolate on the truffles vegan, but she can also make a vegan white chocolate on request.

Photography by Tina Benitez-Eves

Photography by Tina Benitez-Eves

The Villager came by for coffee, cake and roses!

“I think one of the reasons why it’s so important for me — food and making things for someone — is because I associate it a lot with my childhood and my parents,” Holt told The Villager. “I always associated food with family and home, and comfort and love.”


Ioana and Rose&Basil featured in Crisana, a national Romanian newspaper

Este povestea a mii de tineri care visează să evadeze din România. A copiilor talentaţi care au şansa să studieze în străinătate. A celor care îşi pun talentul la muncă şi încep să-şi construiască viitorul. Numai că evadarea nu te duce într-o lume perfectă. Este povestea Ioanei, o tânără orădeancă ajunsă studentă la New York University şi care a reuşit să pună pe roate o afacere uimitoare.


Palate Features us in Cute Dessert Sports for You NYC Date Night!

A relatively new bakery, Rose & Basil focuses on health, while not sacrificing taste or quality by any means. If you’re a health nut who won’t take a cheat day but you still want to indulge, Rose & Basil is just the place for you


Sideways pays Rose&Basil a Visit

In the intimate space, which opened in 2016, there are small, wrought-iron round white tables, chairs with a rose motif carved in the center, a comfy couch, a few stools towards the back, and silk roses on the ceiling. Every detail has been carefully thought out by Ioana. When I pointed to a charming watercolor hanging above the couch, Ioana simply said, “Oh I painted that.” Of course she did, for I believe that there is nothing this remarkable young woman cannot do.


NYU features Rose&Basil

Stepping inside this mysterious cafe called “Rose and Basil”, which was co-founded by Stern Senior William Wang, is like entering the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland.


The Villager and Rose&Basil

Rose and Basil, a new vegan dessert cafe at 107 E. Seventh St., seems to be the place to be for hip performance artists. The spot has already been open a little while, but they threw an open house for media types and others last week.


EV Grieve were...

At the Grand opening of Rose and Basil...

The cafe, which serves coffee and a variety of homemade desserts, is owned by Ioana Holt, who launched the business with her college friend William Wang.


Rose&Basil Brings New Healthy Take on Breakfast to Seventh Street

Rose&Basil is bringing something unique to Seventh Street with its truffles, coffee, and breakfast jars. It will bring a unique twist to the neighborhood in that the food is not just delicious, but it is made with a lot of love.  This means that Rose&Basil can become an integral part of your healthy diet when you’re on the go. You can add this stop to your morning routine.


Evensi Announces Our Arrival

Come and join us and enjoy free samples of our amazing organic and gluten free chocolates, sugar free and vegan treats as well as our delicious organic variety of coffee from La Colombe! From a decadent espresso to the smoothest cold brew you’ll ever have!


Ev Grieve ANNOUNCES our arrival

An EVG reader shared this photo, noting that Rose&Basil opens tomorrow at 104 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue.