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Rose&Basil was born in late 2014. It came in the form of a drawing and it stayed like that on Ioana's fridge for many months to follow. Co-founder and CEO, Ioana Holt, came up with the idea of a practice that has its heart in the reunion between Beauty and Nature. A way of cooking meant for those who care not just for the taste or the look, the origin or the effect of their food, but for all of those equally. 

She quickly thought of a concept and reached out to her dear friend from college, William Wang. Together, they put together the plan for the first Rose&Basil store in New York City, estimated to open July 2016.

Rose&Basil is the product of Ioana's love of life and Will's passion for perfection.

A 'cook' even from the tender age of 5, Ioana remembers following her grandmother around and learning all the tricks in the book from the best chef she's known to date.

It was some time after, in the Austrian Alps, that the little artist was introduced to the art of creating sweets at the birthing place of the famous Mozart Chocolates, Dallmans. It started as an after school job, but soon Ioana started paying attention to how food, especially sweets, so decadently aesthetic, are actually affecting our bodies. The worrying part was that sweets especially were doing that negatively. All of the sudden, the theory that by taking beautiful things and introducing them to our body, makes us beautiful, fell through the roof. Suddenly, there was more to it. 

So Ioana looked closer: she analyzed the recipes of popular classical deserts. She browsed ingredient listings of sweets sold to the wide public. Not a lot of natural there. Refined sugars, bleached, over-processed flour, trans fat, colorants and artificial flavors. 

In a flash, working in that small patisserie hold a different kind of weight. 

She set herself to master the classics. And in time she stepped outside the rules and experimented by replacing the traditional ingredients with healthier versions. It came down to why can't sweets be pretty and tasty AND healthy? Natural?

Years later - hundred of different substitutions later - on a cold November night, in a tiny apartment in Soho, New York City, surrounded by the smell of freshly baked gingerbread - gluten and sugar free - cookies, the logo of Rose&Basil was born. Later that night, she looked at it on her fridge and although she didn't quite point out how yet, there was something sweet about it.

So at the dawn of 2016 she decided it was time to take the rains in her hands and not only opened Rose&Basil online but, Ioana started looking for a partner to share her ideas and her passion with. She left NYU and put everything in her dream.

And when March 2016 came around, it brought not only spring, but Will into the Rose&Basil family. As Co-founder, Will helped Rose&Basil grow and pushed Ioana's ideas: a new product was born - The Breakfast Ja - a deliciously healthy Jar with everything you need in your breakfast, tailored to who you define yourself as. The sweet-tooth Kiddo, the forever-on-the-go Mommy, the protein-lover Athlete and the funky Hipster. We have it all!

For Ioana and Will, carrying for our bodies and the beauty they hold incorporated now food source and preparation as a beauty ritual. Rose&Basil chased being a simple logo and became a space where everything that touches the body affects its aesthetics. Rose&Basil became the bridge between Natural and Beautiful. Between Nature and You.

Rose&Basil uses only all natural and organic products and ingredients. More than 85% of complex ingredients are prepared in house using only organic sources. 

Rose&Basil is the home of a dream. It is the place of a reunion. We celebrate it in all the products that we offer. We choose nature to be healthy. We choose healthy to be beautiful. It simply means saying no to anything having the word 'white' in its name tag and saying yes to color. Yes to corse. Yes to raw. Yes to every day rather than every month.  

October 2016 brought a new addition to the Rose&Basil family: our dear friend Fredy Xin, successful young entrepreneur, joined our family and a new chapter of our adventure started: The Rose Garden. 

The Rose Garden is a special project, set to offer private events for small groups (up to 25 ppl) in our enclosed and remodeled back yard. Designed by Ioana, The Rose Garden will open in early April. Imagine a magical secret garden, full of beautiful roses and jasmine, perfect for an intimate celebration, birthday, wedding, wedding proposal or baby shower!

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104 East 7Th Street, New York, NY


917 530 9018


Mo - Sat 10am - 10 pm

Su 10am - 7pm

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Ioana Holt, Fairy, CEO & Pastry Chef July 2016

Ioana Holt, Fairy, CEO & Pastry Chef

July 2016